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I’ve got a strong expertise in design and management of mobile marketing and value added services (mobile VAS) and a focus on mobile, web and digital extensions, with social and communities development and management.

I’ve started several IT companies. I’ve worked with important Italian companies in the broadcast and media market.

Right now I’m really interested in AI related thematics, like NLP and ML.

I am lecturer for the Universities “Sapienza” in Rome and “Unimercatorum” for several courses about new technologies and new media.

I live in Rome

… but I’ve always worked in international contexts


  • Communication skills 95% 95%
  • Tech savvy 99% 99%
  • Team Working 98% 98%
  • CMS Knowledge 90% 90%
  • Web sites developement experience 95% 95%
  • Web programming knowledge 65% 65%
  • UX/UI Design 70% 70%


I’ve always worked in team, since mid ’90. For the past two decades I’ve been project leader in several media companies. 



I’ve managed projects with with budgets of several hundreds thousands euros.



Planning a project, big or small, is inherent with risk.
It has been part of my job for the past decades. 



Being both consultant and entrepreneur, gives me good diplomatic skills on how to manage consultants, customers and business partners.

…and 8 more

EXPERIENCES Media Srl – Head of digital

Responsible for the digital division of Media Srl. Maintain understanding of the latest digital opportunities and trends in consumer interaction with digital technology and inspire the organisation with those possibilities. Area of interest: web, social media, video streaming platform, mobile, ecommerce, digital advertising, e-publishing.

LT Multimedia Srl – Consultant

Business development porting their assets over new media, expanding web and social precence.

Mishell Srl – Einstein Multimedia Group – Project Manager

Design and development of media products (web and mobile, digital TV, IpTV video content and programming) and strategy.
With strong focus on “second screen” experience (tablet and mobile apps, web implementation) and digital extensions.

Micro Focus Ltd – IT Manager

Maintaining & trouble shooting the IT infrastructure on a global level in Italy and Europe.
Travelling to foreign offices & assisting in office moves, implementing new internal networks, configuring new routers, switches, pix`s.